About Missions Hymns By David & Dan Bennett

Sacred poetry has motivated many saints spiritually throughout the ages. Whether read or sung the work of the Lord and His church has advanced through the use of spiritual hymns, songs, and poetry. These poems were written to challenge God’s people specifically towards world evangelization. These poems are copyrighted. However, permission is given to use them personally and freely in your own church’s mission’s conferences and services. Please, in the spirit of Christian ethics, give credit to both the authors and Silent Word Ministries International for use of these resources. Thank you very much. We would like to make several suggestions of how you may use these poems/hymns in the missions program of your church. If you find another way to use them to further the cause of worldwide evangelization, feel free to do so. We would like to know how you used one or more of these in your church. Possibly we will add your idea to our list for other pastors and churches to take advantage of. You may want to do one of the following ideas:

  • Have someone memorize a poem and do it as a dramatic reading sometime during the conference or service.
  • Put one or more of these poems into your church mission’s conference bulletin.
  • Have one copied and used as an insert into your bulletin.
  • Use it as a poster on the wall of the church or in a Sunday School classroom.
  • Put it on an overhead or PowerPoint presentation to show before the service begins while folks are still entering the sanctuary.
  • Use it to sing as a congregational hymn during a service.
  • Ask someone to sing it as special music, or choir number, for a mission’s emphasis.
  • Use one for a mission’s conference theme song.

The music meter is added with each poem in order for it to be sung to a common tune. This will facilitate the singing of it in your meetings, if you choose to do so. Also, a popular hymn tune is sometimes listed and recommended for singing some of the poems. If there is anything else we at Silent Word Ministries International can do for your church, mission’s program, or mission’s conference, please, let us know. (Remember, we are available to speak in mission’s conferences and on mission’s emphasis days as well.) May Jesus Christ be glorified as the Gospel is spread around the world through your mission’s program.

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