Considering Missions? – Next Step?

Is it possible that God is preparing you for a life of service in missions? If you are open to God’s perfect will and committed to do whatever He wants you to do, then here are several steps to discover God’s will regarding missions.

  1. Wait on the Lord – Spend much time in the Word and in prayer. Develop your devotion to Christ and your submission to His leadership. Pursue personal purity. Be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and let Him form Christ in you (Gal. 4:19; 5:16, 22-26; Matt. 5:3-12).
  2. Serve in the Local Church – Be faithful in worship, service, and stewardship. Discover and develop your spiritual gifts. Learn effectiveness in soul-winning and discipling. Get experience in every possible aspect of church ministry. Establish a strong testimony of dedication and spiritual fruitfulness.
  3. Seek Godly Counsel – Ask your pastor for guidance in seeking God’s purpose for your future. Meet with him regularly for evaluation and instruction. Seek parents, Christian teachers, and wise associates for help with direction and motivation.
  4. Develop a Concern for Missions – Read missions books and missionary biographies. Attend missions conferences. Talk with missionaries.
  5. Study needs and opportunities around the globe. Write to mission boards for literature and information.
  6. Pursue Proper Training – If the above steps seem to be leading in the direction of vocational missionary service, lay the appropriate foundation. Thorough training in Bible doctrine and missions is essential. Talk to mission representatives for further counsel regarding your future goals and personal development and preparation for the mission field.
  7. Initiate Application to a Mission Board – If all the arrows continue to point toward foreign missionary service, let your pastor help you contact a mission board recommended by your home church. The screening process to follow will help determine God’s direction.

(Some churches act as a clearinghouse for their own missionaries. If this is the case in your own church, then your pastor will lead you in the process of raising support and getting to the field.)


Make Your Life Count! – Whether at home or abroad, in “secular” employment, Christian ministry, or foreign missionary service, be sure to fulfill your personal potential in local witness and in doing all you can for world evangelism!

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