Missionary Candidate Requirements

General Requirements Expected for a New Missionary Candidate with SWMI

  1. Saved, baptized, and member of independent Baptist church, in good fellowship with the church.
  2. Commissioned by church to go as missionary.
  3. Biblically prepared for ministry. (Usually means the person has some type of formal Bible training beyond any secular education. The requirements here vary, depending on the person. For example, we would expect more from a husband than from a wife.)
  4. Physically, emotionally, and financially stable. (Some health concerns may limit the choices of the field of service. Debts must be paid off before joining the mission.)
  5. Doctrinally sound and able to defend those doctrines Biblically. (in writing and verbally)
  6. Willing to work in a team ministry.
  7. Willing to work under the Principles, Policies, Procedures, and Practices of the mission.

Specifics about our requirements can be found by talking personally with us.

We are here to help you find the right mission board with which to serve. Most people are not called to serve with us. (We are looking for a few good men!) But we can help you decide if SWMI may be for you or not. We can make suggestions as to what questions you should ask when interviewing other mission agencies about future service with them. And we can even make suggestions as to which mission boards you should personally consider. Each mission agency is different. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Contact us to find out how we can help you to find the mission board that best fits you and your vision for ministry.

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