Good Tidings to All


I bring you good tidings of great joy,

which shall be to all people.”

Luke 2:10

You and I know so well what those good tidings are all about. Those tidings deal with the Saviour, Christ the Lord, Who was born in the city of David. (Luke 2:11) This has been good news to millions throughout the centuries. This has also brought great joy to millions down through the years.
But should not the good tidings of great joy be proclaimed to the deaf as well? Does not the verse say that these tidings of joy “shall be to all people”?

Thankfully, and honestly, the deaf have not been left out entirely as it relates to the Gospel. I praise the Lord for the deaf who have been saved in the United States, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the Philippines. Deaf have been saved in several other countries as well. However, of the 240 countries and islands in the world today, only about 10% of them have a Gospel witness to the deaf. That means that approximately 90% of the world’s countries still do not have a witness to the deaf, as far as we know.

And remember, just because there is a Gospel testimony to the deaf in some country does not mean that all the deaf of that country have heard of Christ. Most deaf still have not heard of the birth of our Saviour nor of His death, resurrection, and saving grace.

And many who have heard the message, like many hearing people, have not responded positively and received Christ as Saviour. There are still many deaf around the world without the good tidings of salvation in Christ.

But our verse still says that the “…good tidings of great joy… shall be to ALL people.” This must include the deaf.

What are you doing to reach the deaf in your area? What are you doing to reach the deaf around the globe? What is your church doing?

Are you praying for the deaf? Are you witnessing to the deaf? Are you supporting missionaries to the deaf? Are you sending missionaries to the deaf?

We at Silent Word Ministries have been involved in taking the “…good tidings of great joy…” to the deaf of several countries. But we need help more than ever. Recently we started a separate department, called Silent Word Ministries International (SWMI), specifically to address the spiritual needs of the deaf internationally.
We need your help, your prayers, your sacrificial support, and maybe even your life and personal labor to advance the “…good tidings of great joy…” to other deaf who have yet to hear of Christ’s first coming.

We are available for speaking engagements in your church, Christian School, and Christian College. We can help counsel you as to a future of service for the Lord on the mission field.

Please, feel free to contact us, here, if you have any questions about our organization or about how you can participate in reaching the deaf of this world with the “…good tidings of great joy…”.

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