How Many Deaf Need Christ?

Written by David Bennett

Have you ever wondered about the number of deaf people in this world? So have I. Estimates vary greatly. I saw one estimate of 500 million deaf in the world. But that can’t be right because that would mean that 1 out of every 12 people in the world would be deaf. You and I both know better than that.

The total world population today is 6,400,000,000 (six billion, 400 million people). Wow! That’s a lot of people. (Click here for an exact daily figure.) Did you know that although most of them are hearing people, still half have never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel? Some have never even heard the name of Jesus. Can you and I imagine that? Not really. But it is true.

And what about the deaf? How many are there? The most accurate figures range from 1 in every 1000 individuals in what are considered to be “first world” countries to 3 in every 1000 individuals in so-called “third world” countries. No matter what the real deaf population is, there is one factor much more important. It is the following.

How many of those deaf people have heard a clear presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? How many maybe haven’t even heard/seen the name of Jesus once? The truth is that a very small percentage of deaf have ever truly heard of Christ. Most deaf in this world are still lost and on their way to Hell.

If you have heard of Christ you should feel honored. If you have heard the Gospel story you should be thankful. If you are saved then you should get up and go tell other deaf, and hearing, about the salvation of the Lord. You are in the world’s minority.

Deaf people, as you know, are lost and needy. They need Jesus Christ. But who will go and tell them? We must thank God for allowing us the privilege to live in the USA and to have heard of Calvary. But what about the millions of deaf outside the boundaries of the United States? Who will go to tell them about the sacrifice of Christ for them?

They live and die in heathen darkness, never having known of the love of God. They live in silence, often without clear communication with even their family members. They are lonely and rarely feel loved by anyone. (That is one reason that fornication and adultery are so common among the deaf. They long to feel wanted and loved.)

But Christ loves them. He died for them. And He wants them to have fellowship with Himself. He wants them to know about His love and salvation. He wants to take them to Heaven where they will not only hear and speak well, but they will live in His presence and hear His precious voice.

Silent Word Ministries International is looking for men and women who are called of God and have a burden for the deaf of this world. Will you go to the lost and lonely deaf of this world to tell them of Christ and His offer of salvation? Contact Me, David Bennett, or call me at (706) 657-8000. May God bless you.

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