Letter to Pastors

Dear Pastor,

Thank you for looking at our SWMI WORLD MISSIONS BANNERS. We have prepared 38 large banners for your use to help your church visualize the needs around the world and to emphasize different conference themes. We trust that God will bless your conference richly with important decisions being made for the Lord and the sake of the Great Commission.

It is our desire and prayer that God will use these banners, in and of themselves, to call others into full-time world evangelism. Someone may focus on the content of a banner from day to day, during the extent of the conference, and become burdened for lost souls like never before. The Bible verses, the quotes, the concepts involved, and the faces of the people should be enough to touch the heart of someone for life-changing ministry.

We ask that you return the banner within 10 days of the end of your conference. This extra time is given so that you may continue to use the banner in the church for another week or so while you continue to receive your faith promise commitments. This also gives you a few days of breathing time to get the banner shipped back to us. Please, remember, when returning the banners, that other churches may be waiting to use the same banner after you are finished with it. (Recently we had 23 of the banners all being used at the same basic time around the country. So be sure to make your reservation early, please.)

We trust that you will find the banners to be of great help to you in your church’s mission’s outreach.

David Bennett
Director SWMI
Psalm 2:8

P.S. Whenever I speak in a missions conference or special meeting I can take these banners with me for your use. (I have three series of messages for conferences that specifically to go along with 3 of the banners: (1) Fulfilling the Promise, (2) Serving a Jealous God, and (3) Sheep in the Midst of Wolves. The series on “Serving a Jealous God” deals with idolatry and world religions. The series on “Sheep in the Midst of Wolves” deals with persecution and personal evangelism. I would be thrilled to come and challenge your church folks afresh with a vision and burden for lost souls.)

As you decide on which banners you want to use for your next missions conference, please fill out the Missions Banner Form. I will do all I can to help you with the banners. (Know that I am sometimes on the road speaking, and may not know immediately about the availability of the banners at the time you will need them. Also, please try to give us as much time as necessary to get the banners to you. We may be able to get them to you quickly, but that will not always be the case. It is possible that another church is using the banner you most desire at the same time you need it. Therefore, be prepared to choose another banner in case this is the situation.)

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