Liberia Deaf School & Hearing Orphanage Project



LOCATION: Monrovia, Liberia & Ganta City, Liberia

WHO: Great Comission Fundamental Baptist Church & School, Other Ministries and Orphanages

PURPOSE #1: SWMI has made 3 trips to Liberia and been instrumental in seeing a deaf ministry started and a Christian school for deaf people. When this Christian school for the Deaf began, none of the students knew sign language of any kind. Now they all communicate with sign language, some better than the others, and  all are improving greatly. Before the school began, none of them could read or write, and most did not even know their names. The school has 5 deaf men who are teaching sign language, reading and writing, arithmetic, artwork, and Bible. However, of these 5 deaf teachers, only two have a high school diploma and none have gone on past high school. They need to be trained!

Therefore, SWMI is taking a team of missionaries and others to Liberia in July, 2018 to train these 5 deaf teachers,and also to do continuing education training with the hearing teachers in the hearing school. For example, Raymond and Anita Bradley, 20+ year veteran missionaries to the deaf in Ecuador, will be doing a lot of the training. Raymond will also be teaching doctrine to these deaf men. Several SWMI personnel will also be serving in various ways on this trip.

PURPOSE #2: SWMI is sending a container of school supplies, materials, curriculum, visuals, equipment, and school furniture to Liberia this spring. It will cost approximately $10,000 to send the container. All of the things listed above are needed and will be distributed to more than one Christian school.

PURPOSE #3: SWMI also is collecting items to distribute to Christian orphanages in Liberia. I, David Bennett, have visited several orphanages and have seen the need firsthand. SWMI is collecting clothes for children (both males and females of all ages and sizes) shoes, sandals, flip-flops, and toys and games for children of all ages. (NOTE: Please do not send anything that requires batteries! Also, note that these children speak English in Liberia; therefore, books, games, etc. in English are very needed.)


  1. SWMI needs $10,000 by April 15 to send the container to Liberia.
  2. SWMI is also partnering with the Great Comission Fundamental Baptist Church to build classrooms and a men’s dormitory for the deaf. We are asking God, our supporters, and other interested investors for $28,000 to build the needed facility.

If you have questions, you may contact David Bennett at 423-322-7995 or write him at david Thank you so much for all that you mean to this ministry and for the part that you have in reaching the Deaf worldwide with the Gospel in obedience to the Great Commission of Christ.


David Bennett, SWMI International Director                                                                                                                                                Psalm 2:8

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