Missionary Messages in Miniature

How Shall They Hear Unless Christians Are Corrected?

By Pastor Orlan Wilhite, Promoted to Glory

“Awake to righteousness, and sin not;
for some have not the knowledge of God:
I speak this to your shame.”
I Corinthians 15:34

We live in a day of crowded church rolls, of confessing Christianity, but also of contradicting Christians. Read our text, I Corinthians 15:34, and note the three things that I call to your attention. First of all THE COMPELLING COMMANDMENT. “Awake to righteousness and sin not.” Note that God not only explains it to us, but he also expects us to follow. Secondly, look at the CONDEMNING CONCLUSION. Be sure to note the situation, “Some have not the knowledge of God,” then look at the shame and where it belongs – “I speak this to your shame”. Thirdly, recognize THE CONSTANT CALL, for as long as one soul remains in ignorance the same command goes forth and the same condition exists.

How Shall They Hear Unless Christians Are Compassionate?

“…He distributed to the disciples,
and the disciples to them that were set down…”
John 6:11

We are concerned about the need for Missions. We want to see the multitudes turning to Christ, but we live in a chaotic world where impossibility seems to lay on every hand. We can learn much from the compassion of Christ as He faced just such a situation, as recorded in John 6:1-14. He didn’t try to gloss over the situation, but saw to it that they RECOGNIZED THE CHAOS. He then quickly dispersed all of the REASONING THAT WAS CONTRARY, in order that he would be able to move into the situation, bringing about a REVERSAL THAT WAS COMPLETE.

How Shall They Hear Unless Christians Are Commissioned?

“As Thou hast sent Me into the world,
even so have I also sent them into the world.”
John 17:18

God’s method is men. God could have used heavenly television. He could have used angels. But He chose to send men saved from sin to win men lost in sin. Read John 20:21. First Christ is talking to the Father then to his disciples! God sent Christ, and now Christ sends you! We need to examine the commission of Christ in order that we might understand our own. His was a COMMISSION OF PURPOSE. I John 4:14 Christ was commissioned by the Father to produce the Gospel. Men are commissioned to propagate that Gospel. Philippians 1:21-25 His was also a COMMISSION OF PLACE, and this was the place of greatest need where men are lost in sin and needed to be saved. “As the Father hath sent me, so send I you!”
How Shall They Hear Unless Christians Are Cooperative?

“ Then the disciples took him by night,
and let him down by the wall in a basket.”
Acts 9:25

We turn your attention to a seemingly strange text, but to one filled with exhortation that will mean the success of failure of our missionary program. Read Acts 9:22-25 and note how Paul, the great missionary, was sent forth to his work by those who cooperated in holding the ropes! Visualize the loss if too many had quit too quick. Listen, as history seems to call out to those on the wall, “Hold on, up there. Paul is depending on you! Christ is depending on you! Souls to be won are depending on you! All future history depends on you who do the unglamorous job of holding the ropes.” Now examine the ropes that you help to hold in letting your missionary down to regions beyond. Examine carefully the ropes of PRAYER, and the ropes of FINANCE, then remember that the missionary, Christ, souls, yea even the History of the Future depend on you!

How Shall They Hear Unless Christians Are Committed?

“ Lovest thou Me more than these?”
John 21:15

Every minute more than 107 souls without Christ are slipping out into eternity. Christ is the answer, but Missions is the Method! Men are needed for the carrying out of this plan. Not just any man, but men who are completely committed to the Saviour! Look at John 13:37, then read John 21:15-22 and you will see that there are three things that make committal to Christ complete. It must be not only PROFESSED, but also PROVEN, and PERFORMED! Peter professed his committal but turned back in the face of difficulty. Jesus wasn’t willing to have him go along in the old ways. He had something better to accomplish through him. He wanted to use him in fishing for men instead of for fish. The love in Peter’s heart demanded the labor of Peter’s hands. What about you? Do you really love Christ? Are you really completely committed to Him? Are you really willing to be where He wants you to be, go where He wants you to go, live the way He wants you to live, die the way He wants you to die? How shall they hear unless Christians are committed to Christ?Conclusion: Are you involved in world missions? Are you praying fervently? Are you giving sacrificially? Are you sending substitutionarily? Are you going personally? What more can you do? What more would God have you to do?For more information about what you can do to be more involved in world missions through Silent Word Ministries International, please, write us at the addresses provided or call us at (706) 657-8002 or (823) 322-7995.

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