Baptism in a Foreign Country

Bennett-David01-web-150Recently, in a limited access country, one of the churches started by a national pastor trained by SWMI, celebrated their first anniversary as a church! What a blessing.

Four weeks later, 50 Bibles were given to new Deaf believers who had never owned a Bible before. SWMI is in the process of acquiring more Bibles in their language for further distribution.

Then to top off this article, on January 25, 2015 the pastor of that church, a man trained to work with the Deaf by SWMI, baptized TWENTY FIVE DEAF people! TWENTY FIVE! What a thrill for us at SWMI to see God’s moving and blessing on the work in that difficult country!

Thank you for your prayers for SWMI. Thank you for your participation in getting the Gospel to people like those mentioned above. Your investment is definitely eternal, as are your rewards!

Lastly, I will be in Europe, mostly Romania from February 10-March 3. Then after some time at home, I will be flying to the Dominican Republic for meetings. Your prayers are vital.

God bless you!

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