Leap, Forerunner

Christmas may be “over” as far as the world is concerned but the birth of Jesus Christ is still as relevant today as it was on December 25.  This article will be posted a few more days for those who enjoy thinking and meditating on the events surrounding the Christmas story.

Christmas. The birth of Christ. That is what this season of the year is about. I love the focus on Christmas. I love the story of my Savior’s birth. What a miracle. God became man. God came to dwell with us, and die for us. I have included several poems regarding events around Christmas. I begin with one involving John the Baptist. Do you leap for joy at Jesus’ presence? Are you faithful to announce Christ’s first coming?

“Leap, Forerunner”

Leap, forerunner, leap for joy,
Thus announce God’s Shepherd Boy;
Leap inside thy mother’s womb
And thy task e’en here assume.

Leap, forerunner, thus rejoice
Though the womb subdues your voice;
Leap, and let thy joy be known—

God has come in flesh and bone.

Leap, forerunner, with delight
Leap with all thy strength and might,
For the job you came to do
Lies right here in front of you.

Leap, forerunner, as assigned
By the Heav’nly Mastermind;
You’re now in His glad employ:
Run before Him, leap for joy!

© Written by WDB on December 17, 2008.
See Luke 1:44.  Meter:
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