A Prayer for Campers

“A Prayer for Campers”

Written by David Bennett

Dear God of Israel and God of Moses,

I pray for those traveling to and from camp. Thousands of cars, church vans, and buses are on the road this week. They are loaded with Christian campers and counselors, and sponsors. Some are carrying precious cargo: the souls of lost boys and girls, lost teens, or even lost adults. Please protect each and every one, O Lord. You led Israel for 40 years through the wilderness and met their needs. I ask You to meet the needs of Your children still today while traveling. May each vehicle run well. May each driver stay awake and alert. Protect from accidents and breakdowns.

I pray for the activities of the camp week. May everyone have a fun time and a safe time. Protect from mishaps and sickness. Keep all from home sickness as well. Allow only those things to happen that will further the working of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those who need a special touch from Thee.

I pray for the staff. Meet every physical and spiritual need. Give Your divine guidance for the decisions that have to be made. Give them strength to serve Thee and grace to serve others. As You were with Moses in the wilderness, please, O God, be with the staff leadership.

I pray for the counselors to have wisdom to lead and to deal with the problems that may arise. Give them special discernment in every situation. May they be used of Thee in the lives of each of their campers. Help them with the right words to say and the right attitudes to display in every circumstance.

I pray for the preachers. May Your Holy Spirit anoint them with power from on High. May they know which messages to preach and when to preach them. Keep them from following their own agendas but lead their hearts to the very message that needs preached each morning and night. Help each one to connect with the needs of each individual  camper. Use them mightily to reach the hearts and souls of campers. Use the preachers greatly, even as You used Aaron and his sons among the children of Israel.

I pray for the campers. Most, no doubt, are Christians. However, they have spiritual needs that must be met. Some are hot for Thee; use them to be a blessing to other campers. Work in such a way as to call many of these campers this week into full-time Christian service for Thee. Some are cold; show them their spiritual emptiness. Give them a deep desire for a life of purpose and usefulness, one that brings glory to Thee. Others are lukewarm and do not even know it. They are seemingly satisfied and comfortable. Break into their hearts and minds with life-changing conviction. May this week of camp be one of heartfelt repentance and soulful tears. Transform these campers from the inside out.

I pray for the lost at camp. May Your Holy Spirit open their spiritual eyes to the need of their hearts, the need for Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives. Break them under the convicting power of the Spirit and bring them to the place of sincere repentance. May many place their faith alone in You this very week and be saved from their sin and damnation.

Bless the campers as they return home. May their lives, and homes, and schools, and youth groups, and churches never be the same. May eternal transformation be noticed in every one. I thank You, O Lord, for Your promised and faithful answers to prayer in the lives of the campers this year. Without You and Your work in their lives, this week of camp would have no meaning. Lastly, but more importantly, Lord, may You be glorified now and forever. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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