“Look Around You”


Look around you, see the people

Trying earnestly to cope

With life’s problems and enigmas,

Seeking one brief ray of hope.

Multitudes are dying daily

After years of toil and strife

Without hope and without promise

After death of Heav’nly life.


Wake up, Christian, to the danger

That this world is sadly in;

You must go and tell of Jesus,

You must rescue them from sin.

People dying, people crying

In their helplessness and pain;

Rise up, brother, give a witness

Of new life in Jesus’ name.


Up and go while it is daylight,

Lo, the night is hast’ning on;

Preach the Gospel to the nations

Long before all hope is gone.

You have hope that they know not of,

You have Christ and saving grace;

Your bold witness could determine

When and how the Lord they’ll face.

© Written by WDB.
May be sung to the tune of “All the Way My Savior Leads Me” – ALL THE WAY.”

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