“Lord of Harvest”


Lord of harvest, I am praying

For the lab’rors to increase;

Lo! The harvest now is ready,

Seeking meaning, seeking peace.


Lord of harvest, I am kneeling

And imploring Thee to move

On the hearts of future workers,

For the harvest doth behoove.


Lord of harvest, I am begging

For more help from those back home;

Here the task is much too heavy

For us yet to work alone.


Lord of harvest, I am asking

For an influx of more men

To leave home and come to join us;

Yes, I’m asking once again.


Lord of harvest, Lord of Heaven,

See the grain of ripe fields fall;

We are pleading for more lab’rers

Please, dear Lord, more lab’rers call!

© Written by WDB.
May be sung to the tune of “Jesus Calls Us” – GALILEE.

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