“Rescue the Perishing”


“Rescue the perishing” – that never changes,

Souls still are dying in sin, guilt, and shame;

Swiftly time’s flying by, Jesus is coming,

We must be busy to preach His dear name.



Refrain: “Rescue the perishing”,

Tell them of Jesus;

He is their only hope,

Tell them today.


“Rescue the perishing” – still we’re commanded:

Souls now are dying while we sadly wait;

Wake, Christian, out of sleep, night’s quickly passing,

Go with the gospel before it’s too late.



“Rescue the perishing” – Hell is forever,

Souls that are lost will not ever escape;

Go with the Gospel now, Christ has been patient,

Pity the lost in his hopeless estate.


© Written by WDB.
May be sung to the tune of “Rescue The Perishing” – RESCUE.
See Romans 13:11-12. Meter: Refrain

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