“The Gospel Seed”


May the Gospel-seed now grow

On the ground that’s well prepared,

Ground that’s broken up and ploughed

Where the Word’s already shared,

Where the Word’s already shared.


May the water of the Word

Every heart now saturate

As it’s preached with Spirit-pow’r

With the goal to irrigate,

With the goal to irrigate.


May the plant break forth and bud

From a deep and mighty root

That sends forth the Word as sap

And produces precious fruit,

And produces precious fruit.


May the Gospel-seed now spread,

May it e’er be watered, too,

So that one day we may hear:

“I was saved because of you!

“I was saved because of you!”

© Written by WDB.
May be sung to the tune of “Take My Life And Let It Be”, – HENDON.

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