“Search…And Consider”

The Cross: “The subject is worthy of an angel’s tongue; it needs Christ Himself completely to expound it…
Abide hard by the cross, and search the mystery of his wounds.” Charles H. Spurgeon

        Search the mysteries of His wounds,
        Search the secrets of His cross,
        Search the riddles of His blood;
            Now consider all else loss!

        Search the face of God Himself,
        Search the cross on which Christ hung,
        Search the broken heart that bled;
            Now consider all else dung!

        Search Gethsemane as well,
        Search the cup which He did taste,
        Search the sweaty, bloody brow;
            Now consider all else waste!

        Search the passions of His heart,
        Search the puzzles of His pain,
        Search the questions of God’s tears;
            Now consider all else vain!

        Search the toll that Jesus paid,
        Search the price with which you’re bought,
        Search the sacrifice He made;
            Now consider all else nought!

© Written by WDB on December 08, 2008.


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